Welcome to Still Losing It!

The blog is called “Still Losing It” because I am still a work in progress. I need to make good decisions every day to make sure I stay healthy not only for myself but for my family. Here you will find my personal experiences from deciding to have surgery to my recovery and day-to-day life 19 years later. Together we will tackle the challenges that come with bariatric surgery including head hunger, post-surgery pregnancy, dumping, sagging skin and regain. 

Every year I do a pouch reset. That just means that I go back to my original post-bariatric surgery diet. I go through all four phases over the course of two weeks. This reset helps me to get rid of sugar cravings and stop drinking soda. I also share nutritious recipes for all phases of your recovery, health information, and more.

Whether you have already had weight loss surgery or are simply considering it, having some insight into the life of someone who has had surgery can be highly beneficial. Still Losing It focuses on the long-term effects of gastric bypass and how starting your journey off strong will benefit you in the long run.

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